Wednesday, May 17, 2017

MAN, WOMAN. No, this is not a social convention!

No, this is not a social convention!
It is the principle of the oneness of nature, which occurs in the Union of TWO POLARITIES:
The Female, and the Male.

The Feminine is the universe of FEMALES.
Male is the universe of MASCULINE.

Want to transform male into female, female into male, is a simple affront to Humanity, Divinity and Love!

Complementary and indivisible forces, powerful when united by True Love.
This is Divine Nature in us!
And go against it, is not synonymous with freedom and love, but rather, salacity and hatred.
Hate to the divine that there is in the Sexual Union.

Only in Edenic Sexuality is it possible to access the true Work of Humanity.
It is where a Man and a Woman, a Couple of Twin Souls, connected sexually without loss of energy, becoming pure essence, One, Gods.

And awakening to the Real Purpose of Love on this Planet.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Absence of Colors and the False "Feminine Empowerment".

Women sell themselves to a false "female empowerment".
Leather boots, black clothes from head to toe that refer to the sadist, are not the Feminine.
All the strength of the woman is alive in the colors she wears and emanates.
In gracefulness;
From the adornments to the simplicity of the flowers of the field;
From exotic roses, to a simple ribbon tie.
After all, we are lively and human women,
or are we just the servants of vampires and blood-sucks without color?!

Awaken the colors of the Feminine!

Vibrate in Colors,
Pulsate the Love.

Keep the Essence, and notice the strangeness and aggressiveness that there is in the absence of colors,
Make no mistake, black, it's not sexy, it's not a symbol of power,

But yes, of slavery and subservience.

Monday, May 23, 2016

The Force_ Arcanum 11 of the Tarot.

The Force. 
Arcanum 11 of the Tarot.

Our inner strength should not be suppressed or less leaked uncontrollably.
The internal Lion needs to be gently tamed.

To conduct our extreme Inner Strength, we need to know it, scrutinizing all the recondites of our soul, with delicate hands, to conduct our lives, guided by the voice of the heart. 
Guided by the voice of the Interior Lion. 
Which can lead us to rampant hell, or the realization, in balance with Love and Ethics.

Today, I chose this picture, which depicts a sweet way, which is the real strength. That is not physical, but is born of purity and wisdom of the heart...

The Belly Dance, among many other knowledge, is one of the ways to obtain the keys that unlock our ways.
It is not the way, but the access door to Your Own Way, your own work, your own knowledge, which guides you to the direction of Your Source of Wisdom.

Mastering the body, make him dance with precision, make it the instrument that makes visible the music heard, teaches us the way of control, balance, and smooth handling of the body and its vital energy, which seeks to go straightand upright in the direction of Our Own Divinity.

There are many ways to find the balance. But always, the most powerful key will be that which is achieved in the perfect fitting of two hands. Hands wich were born to keep up intertwined.

And find our little way of taming our strength, is crucial for the eternal union of this hands, bodies and hearts. Because the Energy, must always be controlled, and Love, keeping warm. Because their flame, leads all with perfection.

Friday, May 22, 2015

What is this blog and what is the Egyptian Belly Dance Sacerdotal.

Share knowledge, is a must.

Space dedicated to the teaching of Egyptian Belly Dance Sacerdotal.
This goes far beyond a "sexy dance".
Here it is taught the way to the Internal Divinity through dance.
The female carries valuable secrets in their sensuality and sexuality.
And knowing move the body, master the movements, breathing, and harmonize their own energy and the energy of the environment, consequently contributes to the universal harmony.

I bring my own method, that is born of years of music studies (singing, guitar, piano and percussion), and dance; in the classroom, participation in workshops with national and international teachers, classes and workshops given, trophies in dance competitions in solo and group categories, and national and international shows ... The path taken might have been faster if not for the turns we give for not having contact with divinity, not knowing thus where we should go.

But traversing the longer path or not, the mistakes become knowledge. And allied to what really matters in this space I start Knowledge of the Sacerdotal work of my own Internal Conductor.

Sharing to all women who dance, looking for something more, something that is at the heart, and tries to be heard.

This work consists of:

- Texts, images and videos that complement for teaching Egyptian Belly Dance in all its recesses. Developing the flexibility of the physical body, knowledge and emotional control, and access to the spirit world. Providing thus the rescue of the sacerdotal work of the Sacred Feminine Egyptian and All Other lineages.

- Re-learning movement, knowledge and body awareness using various dance techniques or not;

- Basic knowledge of anatomy;

  Theory and Technique of Belly Dance;

- Contact with the inner world through breathing techniques and dance;

- Weekly, monthly or semiannual practices with Ayahuasca, learning through relaxation and concentration, access to the internal worlds, and seek a reconnection with our own Master and Teacher. To enable us to continue the work of Eras. This Union with the Holy Ayahuasca, RE-makes the "common" Belly Dance, in something else. Something Sacred. That moves mountains. A Sacerdotal Work.

- Teaching the use of the Three Keys of Knowledge. To know:

1st Edenic Sexuality:
Control and use of the sexual energy itself, which generates and maintains life. Relearn the real meaning of Chastity, which is to keep the energy inside the body.

We must seek True Love, then, through marriage, in a properly constituted home, learn the handling of sexual energy. where the Couple of Soulmates, a Man and a Woman, maintain chastity by avoiding the physiological orgasm, seeking to Ascend the Energy through the spinal cord to the brain. Having thus, the health and strength necessary to keep the sexual and loving flame on, accessing the development of its internal potentialities.

2st Elimination of unethical elements:
Made through self-observation of negative thoughts, feelings and acts (fear, pride, envy, greed, laziness, anger ...). Because only centered on the Ethics of the Heart, we are able to self-observe with sincerity, thus removing feelings, thoughts and acts that hurt  the Harmony.

3ª Key, is never commercialize with the Sacred:
What you learn in the internal worlds, directly from Our and other Masters and Maestrinas, it should never be charged.
That is, the esoteric knowledge here, is given free of charge.

The caveat here is made, as is to the differentiation of technical and dance theory classes, and the parallel work with the esoteric knowledge. This is delivered free via blog, and biweekly, monthly or semi-annual meetings. And then, naturally correlated in dance classes. 

For classes, by Skype or video, send an email at